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Software Solutions Humanized

What we do

We build apps that are fun to use. We strive to demystify web and mobile technologies and bring it close you. We love to build native apps for web, cloud, iOS, Android and Windows 8. We also build cross platform apps using PhoneGap and IBM WorkLight to help our clients market their products fast.

Web and Cloud

We love to build scalable solutions for web and cloud. Our prefered tool - Ruby. Why - because it is fun to use and it is so human. We know that every problem need a suitable tool to solve. And so, apart from Ruby, we have SQL, NoSQL, Neo4js, Scala, Java, Closure and Erlang in our inventory to choose from.

iOS, Android and Windows

Mobility is the future. We love building beautiful, intutive, responsive apps. Big screen or Small screen, iOS or Android, Mozilla or Windows, Game or anything else: its so much fun to build mobile apps.

Great Ideas

We love ideating and prototyping. We love to see ideas in action. And we are more than willing to work as parter, sharing risks and revenue, in building your dream idea into reality.

How we do

We build awesome softwares, and this is how we do it.

It’s a sad truth that our industry is littered with hackers who are great at coding, but who can’t talk like humans. Most software companies hire them anyway, then hire a layer of middle management to act as a liaison between client and developer. We think it’s a lot more efficient just to hire good communicators. Everyone on our team can elucidate ideas quickly, cheerfully and effectively, whether through spoken or written words. This means that whenever you’re talking with one of us—any of us—it’s going to be a pleasant, collaborative experience.

Before we start building a new feature for your project, we will make sure we fully understand the business value you are trying to achieve, and then we’ll make sure that the proposed course of action is going to deliver the best solution. If we think of a better way to do it, we’ll suggest it.

To us, good design encompasses beauty and brains: a good-looking app that functions exactly the way the user expects.

It sounds backwards, but the right way to build software is not to build the actual software first. It’s to write tests for the software. It’s the industry best practice to write tests first, ensure that they’re failing, then write code to make the tests pass. Most Rails developers know they should be doing it. But most of them don’t take the time, and it shows in their bug trackers post-launch. At AppsBuddha, we do Test Driven Development religiously.

For every development project that comes through our doors, we assign at least two developers and one designer. The lead developer writes the majority of the tests and the code; every morning, the support developer reviews the previous day’s work, making sure it matches the client’s expectations and that the quality remains high. When needed, the designer also swoops in to make sure everything receives the perfect polish at AppsBuddha. It’s a collaborative process that ensures you get the best product without the biggest investment.

Delivering quality in every release is the topmost priority at AppsBuddha. Every code goes through stringent quality check cycles, before it is released.

We like to release early and often. When we have finished a feature that adds business value to your application, that’s when we recommend releasing. The sooner you can get your new functionality in front of real users, the better you’ll know what you need to do next—and we’ll be happy to help you determine what that is!

Who we are

Behind the awesomeness.

We are a team of experienced and dynamic software engineers who are very passionate and enthusiastic about building high quality next generation mobile and web applications. The team members have been the key developers behind many successfull apps in various domains

  • Private image sharing app
  • Dating app
  • Video sharing app
  • Online education and assessment apps
  • Crawler running and diagnostic tool
  • Social networking apps
  • Employees time tracking tool
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